Business Process and Value Stream Mapping

Should you Business Process Map (BPM) or Value Stream Map (VSM)?

It could be considered that taking either option of BPM or VSM would arrive at the same answer, however it depends on your requirements.

The two methodologies are founded from different toolboxes: BPM originates from 6-Sigma adopting the Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer (SIPOC) principles; VSM originates from LEAN, with focus on Processes, Resources and Information flows.

We at Explic8 Limited, would recommend firstly using the VSM approach to obtain a holistic view of the operation and, where identified, use BPM to delve into the intricate detail.

The key is to ensure that the process of BPM or VSM should start simply using the correct cross-functional stakeholders, ensuring total collaboration and participation. As the process develops and starts to identify issues and opportunities, greater focus can be applied to the relevant areas.

The end game is all important: ‘What do you want the business to look like’? The company strategic goals should ideally be in place before you establish the current state, and definitely before you redesign new processes and the future state Target Operating Model (TOM).

Explic8 Limited consultants can assist you to navigate this complex subject effectively, thereby eliminating wasted time and effort, and adding impartial focus.