Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

What are the benefits of ERP?

Are you struggling continually with having to try and coordinate disparate data and information sources to get an accurate, timely understanding of where your business sits, financially or operationally?

Key Questions:

How long after the month end can you view your consolidated accounts?

Did we have a good day or a bad day?

Do we have too much or too little stock?

Is labour balanced to requirement and projected capacity needs?

Are we servicing our customers in line with SLAs?

The day has come to make the leap to a fully integrated ERP system, the associated benefits are proven when adopted correctly, as below:

  • Total Visibility
  • Standardised Business Processes
  • Quality Data & Security
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Improved Planning
  • Improved Reporting
  • Improved Functional Collaboration
  • Balanced Resources
  • Improved Supply Chain Management
  • Optimised Inventories
  • Improved Efficiencies
  • Focused IT Costs

In our experience at Explic8 Limitedthe planning phase for an ERP implementation is critical.

You need to understand:

What do you want out of the system?

Do you need an ‘out of the box’ or ‘Bespoke’ solution?

Who is responsible for successful implementation?

Explic8 Limited consultants have successfully assisted many companies to achieve success in this area.