Quality Management Systems Implementation (QMS)

A quality management system (QMS) in simple terms can be defined as a formalised system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving your quality policies and objectives.

Apart from ensuring you comply with regulatory requirements, it guarantees happy customers, improves business effectiveness, and assists continuous improvement.

The most prominent and common approach to implementing a Quality Management System is to simultaneously achieve ISO 9001 accreditation, wherein the body of your designed QMS is detailed, governed, and audited via the strict ISO 9001 requirements.

Not initially apparent, but a successful QMS and ISO 9001 implementation will yield tangible benefits, including, but not limited to:

Customer Confidence
Improved Processes
Risk Mitigation
Waste Reduction             
Less Mistakes                         
Lower Costs
Business Direction                 
Focused Training               
Engaged Staff

At Explic8 Limited, we have years of combined experience of developing and implementing QMSsystems that are cost effective and less burdening on the management team.

Additionally, our extensive experience working within Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Automotive, industries we all know are heavily driven by Quality Management, provides us with a specific toolkit adaptable to other business environments.