Use LEAN 6-Sigma to Sustainably Improve your Business Performance

LEAN 6-Sigma helps you to continuously improve AND sustain those improvements

What LEAN 6-Sigma is?

A Philosophy, a Business Tool and a Methodology to enable companies to continuously improve how they work across ALL areas of the business.

What LEAN 6-Sigma isn’t?

A one-off exercise; a means of cutting the workforce; an initiative that should only be carried out within manufacturing.

At Explic8, we prefer not to use the “badly worded” phrase of LEAN Manufacturing. This gives the very misleading impression that it is purely a manufacturing initiative and no-one else in the business is affected or impacted. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is much better to consider LEAN as a BUSINESS-wide concern which can, and will, positively impact how the entire organisation operates.

It is undoubtedly true that 95% of all LEAN programmes are brought in at the behest of Manufacturing or Operations (sometimes Logistics), and, usually, this is a good starting point. But some of the biggest benefits can often be gained from other parts of the end-to-end Value-chain - commencing with the order intake process. We have experienced many situations where the focus has been on improving the manufacturing lead-time (which is often measured in hours) whilst the order processing time can be in days or even weeks! And then there is the product development cycle where “quick to market” is the mantra but it can take months to complete development.

Explic8 Limited consultants can help you to identify the correct strategy for your business. Without the correct strategy, there can be no clear plan, and any successes will invariably be short-lived!  A clearly defined and designed improvement process will be so much more beneficial for all, and, more importantly, has a greater chance of becoming embedded into daily business routines and processes.